There is no substitute for experience. The Gladiator Capital Management team collectively leverages several decades of financial experience.

Since the founding of the firm, the portfolio management team has worked together adhering to the same investment philosophy, exercising the same approach to security selection and employing the same discipline as it pertains to portfolio design. Despite the numerous times we have heard "It's different this time," experience has taught us it rarely is.

Regardless of the the broader news cycle or investing environment, Gladiator Capital’s portfolio managers maintain their focus on adhering to our investment discipline and only buy the companies that meet our strict criteria while exercising the patience necessary to allow those selections to perform.

Senior Partners

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    Scott Levine, CPA Scott is a founding partner of Gladiator Capital and is responsible for primary client contact as well as back office operations. Scott brings over 15 years’ experience designing, implementing and managing highly complex systems to manage financial data. From 2001-2014, Scott worked at Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., leading projects that improved efficiencies and process automation and accounting systems.

    Scott is a multi-faceted professional with certifications in accounting, management reporting, project management, and financial and tax systems. He is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a member of the AICPA and the Georgia Society of CPAs. Scott received his undergraduate degree in economics from The Georgia Institute of Technology and an MBA, MPA, and MTAX from Georgia State University.

Consultant Relations

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    John Hess, CFA John Hess, CFA, has over 10 years experience in the institutional investment consulting industry. For four years, John headed Aon Investment Consulting’s Global Research Unit. John has also worked with regional consulting firms in starting their investment research and fund manager due-diligence practices.

    John is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and a member of the CFA Institute as well as the Atlanta Society of Finance and Investment Professionals. He received his undergraduate degree in Management Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology and an MBA from Georgia State University.

    John also studied abroad after volunteering in Morocco for the Peace Corps and received an MA in International Project Management from the Ecole Superiere de Commerce de Paris in France.