About Gladiator Capital


What We Believe

At Gladiator Capital we believe that the three keys to market beating performance are: 1) Active Management In Regards To Stock Selection 2) High Conviction Position Sizes 3) Disciplined Rules Based Approach

Who We Are

At Gladiator Capital we believe high-conviction portfolio management can add significant value over passive strategies. We seek to show that long-term out-performance is predominately the result of effective active management through superior stock selection rather than sector rotation.

Gladiator Capital's investment approach seeks to capitalize on well-documented, consistent under-performance of investment managers. We have identified a common set of issues that cause a majority of active managers to under-perform and designed an investment methodology that sidesteps these pitfalls.

Specifically, we overcome these pitfalls by utilizing fundamental signals in an objective manner, strict investing criteria, and the active avoidance of identifiable common cognitive errors such as overconfidence in our ability to predict the future.

Please see our firm's GIPS Compliant performance data here.