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The Gladiator Fund has reported a strong finish to 2023 with 4th qtr returns of 20.79% bringing the full-year return to 24.54% and out-performing the S&P 500 by 0.31%.

The Gladiator Fund has reported 3rd quarter 2023 returns of -3.11% out-performing the S&P 500 Index by 0.53%.

The Gladiator Fund has reported 4th qtr returns of 19.17% bringing full-year 2022 investment returns to 14.37% out-performing of the S&P 500 by 33.81%

The Gladiator Fund has reported 3rd qtr 2022 investment returns of 0.64% bringing year-to-date out-performance of the S&P 500 to 20.74%.

The Gladiator Fund has gotten 2021 off to a strong start returning 13.72% through March 31, strongly outpacing the S&P 500.

Despite a very challenging year due to the global pandemic, The Gladiator Fund is proud to report full year investment returns of 14.83%.

On August 1, 2020 The Gladiator Fund celebrated its five year anniversary of helping its partners achieve superior investment returns.

The Gladiator fund is pleased to report that in August of 2018 it has now cleared its three-year anniversary beating its benchmark, the S&P 500, by over 18 percent with over a million dollars in assets under management.

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The Gladiator Fund

Mid/Large Cap


Fundamentally Driven



A disciplined, high-conviction, long-only equity portfolio in which holdings are selected using strict rules and fundamentally driven screening criteria. The Gladiator Fund’s investment objective is consistent and meaningful out-performance of the broader equity market as defined by the S&P 500.

The Gladiator Investment Perspective

At Gladiator Capital we believe high-conviction portfolio management can add significant value over passive strategies and that long-term outperformance is predominately the result of effective active management through superior stock selection rather than sector rotation. We seek to capitalize on is the well-documented, consistent underperformance of investment managers with respect to the broader equity markets. We have identified a common set of issues that are the cause of the majority of active manager’s underperformance and designed an investment methodology that sidesteps these pitfalls. Specifically, we overcome these pitfalls by utilizing fundamental signals in an objective manner, strict investing criteria, and the active avoidance of identifiable common cognitive errors such as overconfidence in our ability to predict the future.

Investment Objective

Long Term Capital Appreciation & Returns Superior to the Overall Equity Market

  • Consistently & meaningfully outperform the broader equity market as defined by the S&P 500
  • Concentrated equity positions (historically under 15 holdings)
  • Traditional long-only structure
  • Non-Leveraged

Fund Performance

The Gladiator Fund began investment activities on August 1st of 2015. The following contains the fund's gross quarterly returns since inception.

Past Performance is No Guarantee of Future Results.

Year Qtr 1 Qtr 2 Qtr 3 Qtr 4 Year
2023 2.32% 4.01 -3.11% 20.79% 24.54%
2022 0.21% -4.85 0.64% 19.17% 14.37%
2021 13.72% 4.91% -3.29% 14.09% 31.63%
2020 -42.05% 39.83% 9.39% 29.53% 14.83%
2019 17.02% -2.06% -3.33% 10.01% 21.89%
2018 -1.01% -2.08% 0.71% -16.09% -18.09%
2017 11.67% 3.11% 11.04% -0.87% 26.74%
2016 4.20% 4.85% 13.84% -0.39% 23.90%
-6.09% 5.47% -0.96%